Graphic Designer & Photographer

I am an Italian designer, being a mix of Rome, Verona, Puglia, Friuli and Venice blood.

Graduated in Visual Communication, despite my experience, I still feel that there is so much more to learn: I always crave the achievement of new skills.

I am not scared of change: unexpected events rather push me forward. The words “cannot do this” do not belong to my vocabulary.

I never stop working: whenever I lift my head away from the computer I keep seeing inspirations for my job. A billboard, a magazine, a tv commercial, even a beer bottle nicely packaged can trigger in me that solution I was looking for.

This is what being a creative mind means.


Paper is the first material we think about when we want to read. Printed books and magazines will never disappear: I believe in the power of ink. This is why I am specializing in editorial graphics.


Having a powerful communication offline is important: it gives great opportunities to reach different people located close to your business and to become more and more popular, with original messages.


Having a voice online allows to reach new clients in every part of the world: this is way building a solid social media identity on your profile is crucial. An outstanding image can speak more than a presentation.


Being professional in presenting your business is your signature: be sure to display a clear set of identity items, like an internal presentation or even your business card.


Your products must be crowned in communication by professional photographies, shot in a proper studio with background and lights designed ad-hoc for your needs.


An intense close-up of your products can trigger to your potential clients the desire to see it, touch it, own it. Details are everything, undoubtely they are what makes a difference.

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