Make it POP!

Have you ever said this to your Graphic Designer?

Well, guess what? It will set them in an utter p a n i c mode. I will never stress this enough:

I am a creative, not a sorcerer!

This means that I cannot read your mind, and that I simply cannot know what, in your opinion, makes the project “pop”.

But I understand you, because you are not a graphic designer, so you don’t necessarily know all the technical indications that would help me figure out what you need.

But you see, saying to a designer “make it pop” is like going to a restaurant, having a look at the menu and telling the waiter: “give me something tasty”.

What sould the waiter do? Of course you don’t know the recipe of the plate you would like to eat, and of course it can happen that looking at the menu could make you even more confused.

But you know what could help that waiter (and that graphic designer)? Talking. Tell us what you like, what you don’t like and why. Use some examples of plates (and images) that you have eaten (or seen) and tell us what impressed you or what distressed you.

In this way I can have a clearer idea of what you expect to see. I could design something that really pops in my eyes, but it’s not necessarily something that would impress you too!

We are all different, that’s what is cool about being a creative in this world.

So next time you are going to have a briefing with your creative team, try to keep in mind this: help us help you!

Gather some pictures that you like (and don’t like) in advance, talk about your competitors, prepare to recieve a lot of specific questions about your business.

The more informations you will provide, the less time will be wasted in trying to figure out what you actually need.

The happier the client, the happier the graphic designer: we feel so satisfied when we manage to deliver a project that both looks good and displays your business’ true personality.

And yes, maybe it pops too!

Ginevra Scialpi

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