Link, QR code or button?

This may be a tricky question when you are in the stage of designing a whole new project: you want your potential customers to reach out to you by dragging them towards your stunning, brand new website.

What is the best, quickest way to make people land on your home site? Well, the super-effective, always-functioning magical answer is that

there is no magical answer!

If you were reding this article hoping to finally find one solution that fits all your problems, I’m sorry. That’s not it. Not in a single place in this world there is a single solution that can solve any kind of issue.

But there is a magical question.

The magical question that you should always ask yourself before giving instructions to your graphic designer is: from where will the visitors land to my website?

That’s a better start! If you are able to put yourself in the user’s shoes you’ll find it way easier to understand which solution would be better for you.

Let’s say that you need people to check your website in the fastest and simplest possible way. The smallest amount of steps to get there, the better. Let’s check the different possible conditions:

From a poster or a billboard

You paid a significant amount of money to have your offline marketing material displayed all over the city. You need people to see it and instantly check your website.

Even if you have a very simple and easy-to-remember URL, people could still forget it.

Moreover, if the poster is on the street, passer-bys will have nothing but their smartphone to browse the internet.

Best solution: QR code

From another website or social network

In this case the user would most likely already be on their phone, so scanning a QR code would be the least comfortable thing to do.

When the user is using their smartphone, the only option that would make them quickly and instantly land on your wesite is one single tap or clik.

Best solution: button

Shared by another user

There may be a situation in which you need not only people to land on your website, but you also need them to share the URL to the highest possible number of people.

In this case a QR code would not be ideal, without even getting started on the button. In this case there is only one thing to do.

Best solution: link

This is it. Just as simple as that. When you are designing something you don’t need to picture what looks better for you, but what fits best for your customers.

You are creating a product for them, so you need to portay yourself in their shoes and try to imagine what kind of problems they may find. This way you can solve specific issues even before that they occur!

Be a solution-finder, not a problem-maker.

Ginevra Scialpi

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